The debut of my Life of Leisure includes many things:

Firstly, my life of leisure is now available on iTunes.  Subscribe here.

‘Stuff I’m Reading’:’s sports editor, Erik Malinowski drops in.  We discuss a recent study showing bank shots as more successful, statistically, than swishes; a new ‘athletes as stocks’ website that deals in real cash; the boxscore from ‘Space Jam’ via some Harvard guys and that crazy, world record-holding bellyflopping man.

‘Stuff I’m Watching’:  (embarrassingly enough) House Hunters Burn/Praise of the Week.

‘Stuff I’m Playing’:  A review of the inexpensive videogame, ‘Deathspank’.  An ideal bit of entertainment for those living a Life of Leisure?  Or a waste of 12 dollars?

Listener emails are part of my Life of Leisure.  Some will be read on the show.

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