The third episode of my Life of Leisure includes many things:

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‘Stuff I’m Reading’: With the weather turning warmer, a listener tweets into the show with a question about making the transition from sweatclothing to shorts. I answer this question.

‘Stuff I’m Watching’: RDsLOL mythic figure / Longtime House Hunters and House Hunters International host Suanne Whang is interviewed. She’s one part filthy and four parts funny. Didn’t expect that. This is the bleeped version of the interview, but be warned of occasional suggestive themes. And please visit Suzanne’s site,, to help Suzanne in her battle against cancer.

‘Stuff I’m Playing’: In a callback from Erik Malinowski’s appearance in episode 1, ‘Digital Dave’ (from my Tuesday hoops game) is interviewed about his awkward mastery of the straight-on bank shot. Also: his secret alter ego is potentially revealed.

I also debut ‘This Week in Freudian Slips’. Additional thanks to Mikey and Buzzsaw.

Clean Version:

Explicit Version:


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And again–please visit to help the ever-so-talented Suzanne in her battle against cancer.