I’ve spent most of this week dealing with this:

That's a lot of mulch.


I’m sure you can empathize, as it was a wheelbarrow-and-shovel affair that tested my very worth as a man.

I’m proud to say I passed that test, but not without paying a hefty toll in time & energy. ¬†As such, the work on RDsLoL VIII was forced to the back burner.

The fallout: Episode VIII will not make it out in time for release this week.

On the bright side, I found a ladder:

We're calling it, 'The Lost Ladder of Kubla Khan'.

Pro Tip: If someone asks you if you’d like some free mulch, ask them ‘how much free mulch, kind sir?’.

Then, understand that 16 cubic yards of mulch–free or not–is, unquestionably, more than you can use.