I remain a proud Penn Stater.

I hope the same goes for the countless Penn State grads who, like me, feel sickened by the men responsible for the reported abuse and subsequent cover up.

Make no mistake–the actions of Jerry Sandusky, the administration, Joe Paterno, Mike McQueary and anyone else involved in the scandal range from revolting to wildly irresponsible.  That Paterno, specifically, failed so completely on a moral level is still difficult to grasp.

But the actions of those very few men have nothing to do with my education, my experiences in St. College, or the friends I’ve made in that beautiful slice of country.

To let Sandusky’s perversion rob me of the pride I feel for my education would be to give his sickness even more reach.  So I’m not going to do it.  Similarly, I’m not about to let Paterno’s weakness or Curley’s greed or Spanier’s irresponsibility affect how I feel about the years I spent learning, growing and experiencing life in what has to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

I have a great affinity for St. College, Pennsylvania and I always will.

We Are.


Now, Some Quality Links…


–Ever wondered what a 90-foot wave looks like?  Wonder no more!!  That this maniac actually surfs the thing is gnarly to the max.  It’s also a new world record.



–Aging seems to be the next great frontier of pharmaceuticals.

Could the effects of aging be delayed or even prevented simply by clearing the body of old cells? Scientists report in Nature that they were able to do just that in a study of mice.

It is the first study to show that when “senescent” cells, those that have gotten old and stopped dividing, build up, they can promote aging in nearby tissues, contributing to such age-related conditions as cataracts, skin wrinkling and muscle loss. Senescent cells are few in number, but their effects may be wide-ranging.

Normally, these old cells are cleared by the body, but the process becomes less efficient with age. So researchers at the Mayo Clinic used a drug to target only senescent cells and force them to self-destruct, in a group of mice that were genetically engineered to age rapidly.

In mice that were treated throughout their lifetimes, researchers said they saw a remarkable delay in the development of cataracts, muscle wasting and the type of fat loss that, in humans, causes skin wrinkling. Another group of mice was treated in older age, after cataracts had already set in. The drug didn’t reverse the age-related changes that had already occurred, but it prevented further decline.

–Encouraging news for you and me; Tremendous news for Mickey, Minnie, Mighty, Jerry and Fievel.


Careful of that honey you’re buying at the grocery store.

Why does it matter where your honey comes from? An earlier Food Safety News investigation found that at least a third of all the honey consumed in the United States was likely smuggled from China and could be tainted with illegal antibiotics and heavy metals.

Foreign honey also puts a squeeze on American beekeepers, who have been lobbying for years for an enforceable national standard to prevent foreign honey from flooding the market.

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–I’ll be going on vacation over the next couple weeks.

Mrs. DeMaro and I very much enjoy travelling and we’ve been planning this trip for about a year now.  We’re very excited.

It’s cool, too, because thus year’s trip won’t cost nearly as much as last year’s trip to Hawaii.  In fact, we’ve booked the whole thing for about $65.

So fair warning–there’s going to be a break in posts here on the site until we return.

if you need me I’ll be in Northern Tamriel, in a place called Skyrim.