So my staycation in Skyrim has ended.  Ended a while ago, actually.

I’ve got a writeup of the adventure, though it won’t be available here on

Instead, it’ll be part of’s shiny new Side Mission, where I’ll be a regular contributor alongside gaming luminaries Michael McWhertor, Daniel Kayser, Daniel Kayser’s hair and a slew of other very talented people from the world of gaming.

This new gig is a departure from work in professional sports, obviously, and one I’m pretty exited about.  I’ll be helping to build something from the ground up, lend it a voice and, hopefully, be a meaningful part of its success.  It’s those elements of creation that’ve always interested me the most about working in media and they’re in abundance at MTV’s Side Mission.

So yeah.  That’s the new gig.

Now, we’re bound to have some teething issues as we get the site up and rolling, but we’ve got some really cool plans for the site and I hope you’ll give us the honor of becoming part of your daily web browsing routine.

As for this website:

I still plan on posting here, but as you can see by the lack of action over the last month my immediate priority has shifted to getting a better feel for this new industry I’ve thrown myself into.

Being a life-long gamer is one thing; possessing a mastery of the subject matter is quite another.

I’ll be competing with extremely talented people that have been in this space for years, even decades.  It’s a daunting task, but one I’m anxious to face head-on as I try to broaden my skill set and generally experience as much as I can with the time I’ve been given.

So please excuse the re-allocation of free time that necessarily has to take place as I get a better feel for the world of interactive entertainment.


p.s.  Despite all the catching up I need to do in the world of gaming, I can’t seem to stop following Pittsburgh sports.  It’s like a palsy at this point.  So fear not, I’ll still be posting/tweeting/facebooking about The Steelers, Pens and, of course, the Battlin’ Buccos, who, in my estimation, should be shopping the hell out of Hanrahan if only to see what’s out there if they were to sell at such a high valuation.